Trevor’s changing roles and some Doulos highlights

IMG_6499.jpgChanging Roles

When we first announced that we were moving to the Dominican Republic to be full-time missionaries, we no doubt shocked a lot of people. We were bombarded with questions to which we knew very few answers.

“How will you learn Spanish?”

“How long will you stay?”

“Who is your sending board?”



Being the first that we knew, we had no idea what the life of an overseas missionary actually looked like. We had a lot to learn. One thing we learned, is that missionaries are often asked by their organization to make a time commitment ranging from 1-5+ years. They know that if you truly want to make an eternal impact, it is going to take time to overcome language and cultural barriers.

But as a result, missionaries are in a constant state of welcoming the new and saying good-bye to the old. As our initial contract period is coming to an end, we began praying about our next steps. At the same time, the director of Doulos Ministries is in the same stage. Mike and his family started Doulos in the same year as us, and we absolutely adore their family! But as Mike is being called away from the DR to start a new chapter, Trevor was presented with the opportunity to step into the interim managing director position for the next school year. After much contemplation and prayer, he accepted!

His job roles will include business and operations management, missionary care and bridging together Doulos and U.S. stakeholders. Also, Trevor will continue to head up the classroom construction projects. (The school director in charge of educational areas will remain the same. Phew.) This is a major honor and we recognize that this is not a job he can accomplish on his own strength!


A short-term mission team making improvements to our campus.

Some Doulos highlights

We are so proud to have a role in the big things God is doing at Doulos. Here’s a look at a few cool things that have happened recently:

  • Last month, we hosted Dannah Gresh, well known Christian author to speak to our middle and high school students.
  • Then we followed up with Spiritual Emphasis week, in which the students considered what it means to be “consumed” by God.
  • We had our library’s grand re-opening in which we presented to the parents and community the largest most well-organized library in our town with books in English and Spanish. This is a major blessing to our community!
  • In my classroom, we are beginning to explore farms and where our food comes from and giving thanks to our heavenly provider.
  • Trevor and his men’s bible study hosted a lock-in style event for the boys’ basketball team on Friday night and it was a cool way for him to get out of the office and personally invest time in our teenagers’ lives. And let’s be honest, it was a great workout, too!

For all of this, we humbly thank you for your continued support and prayers!

We look forward to a time of respite this holiday week, and wish you a Happy Easter!


Kathy and the Pre-K kids having chapel in the new library.


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