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Here’s a letter we wrote sharing an exciting announcement! Without further ado,  please read about our upcoming adoption here:

Dear family and friends,

We want to share some exciting news: we will be adopting a child from the Dominican Republic!

Why write a letter? We chose to share this news in a letter to give you some time to digest it. We’re also sure that you will have some questions. We hope to answer several of them right here. If you have any others, please ask!

Why are we adopting? This is not a sudden decision. Many of you know that shortly after Emily was born, Kathy was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer called, Essential Thrombocythemia. While she is currently very healthy and maintaining excellent levels, she continues to take an oral chemotherapy medicine. It is advised that she not become pregnant again, as the medicine could pass through the placenta and be toxic to a growing baby. Furthermore, the bible commands us to care for orphans (James 1:27). We have put a lot of thought, prayer and research into this decision, and now we need your support.

Why Dominican Republic? We have discussed several different options, but feel that the Dominican Republic is the right choice for us. With 200,000 orphans in the DR, it remains one of the more difficult countries to adopt from due to the 4-6 month length of the stay the adoptive parents are required to remain in country prior to the finalization of the adoption. This makes it unrealistic for most people to even consider adopting from this country. While we currently reside in the DR, this is obviously not an issue for us.

Another important factor for us to choose the DR, is that the DR is also protected under the Hague Convention. The Hague certification aims to prevent human trafficking that could occur during the adoption process and works to ensure adoptions are in the best interest of children.

But we ultimately chose the DR because our hearts are deeply rooted here. Our hope is that our time spent living in this country will allow us to be a part of preserving and celebrating his/her culture as he/she grows.

How does the process work? The adoption process will take time. We chose our adoption agency (lifelinechild.org) because our friends who adopted their child last year recommended it.  Our first step is completing our home study. In January, we met with our American social worker, who will complete a report on our family. She will travel to the DR again in the next months to do this. After our home study is complete, our agency will send the package (called a dossier) to the Dominican Republic government. After the dossier is sent, we will wait for a match. A compatible match for us might look like an infant between 0-18 months old, with the possibility of a mild special need (treatable medical condition, etc.). This time frame is unknown. Once we have a match, we will have to remain in country for 4-6 months before we can finalize the adoption. Most of that time will be spent with the child in our home.

How can you be a part of changing the life of a child? International adoption requires the services of a lot of professionals – social workers, attorneys, translators – and the expenses add up. We estimate the entire process to cost $41,000. This feels like a lofty goal, but when you look into the eyes of your own child or of a child in need, you will quickly realize this is a small price for a precious and valuable life. We will be working hard to save what we can, and apply for grants and scholarships which can greatly reduce our out-of-pocket costs.

We trust that God will provide the funds needed to complete this adoption. One way, is through people like you. Please pray with faith that God would move mountains to bring our son/daughter home.

We urge you to consider giving to this child in need, in which you can have a direct and active role in providing a safe and loving home. We have set up a dedicated page on our personal blog that will give up to date information on our needs and how you can make a tax-deductible donation. Please visit https://trevorandkathy.com/adoption.

Can we count on you to stand behind us as we move forward with this adoption?

Thank you for taking the time to let us share our journey with you!


Trevor, Kathy, Luke and Emily


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  1. What wonderful news. Such a blessing for your family and the young one your wrapping your hearts around. I’m so happy for all of you. On Feb 4, 2016 7:10 PM, “The Plankenhorns” wrote:

    > trevorandkathy posted: ” Here’s a letter we wrote sharing an exciting > announcement! Without further ado, please read about our upcoming adoption > here: Dear family and friends, We want to share some exciting news: we will > be adopting a child from the Dominican Republic!” >

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