Week 1: From Monday to Sunday

On Monday, the kids started their first day of school in the first and second grades.  While I am so proud of who they are becoming, I can’t help it– I cry every year! But they are adjusting well to their new classes and it helps to know that both of their teachers are superb. Bless.


On Tuesday, we came home to our water sistern having run dry. We only get water from the city on Thursday-Saturday but that water hasn’t come in for weeks. They say it’s a city-wide problem, yet we’re the only ones we know that are affected by it. Our drinking water comes in 5 gallon jugs- so it was cold sponge baths in a bucket that night and a sink-full of dirty dishes. And this went on for another day. Fan-tastic.


On Wednesday, I started my first day of teaching Pre-K4 and I feel so in my element. I love how God has prepared me for this work long before I knew about Doulos! For years, I taught preschool at church on Sundays- both at RPC in Florida, and at our church here in Jarabacoa. Since then, RPC updated their preschool curriculum– meaning that the curriculum that I taught was now being unused. So it has come full-circle that I will be using the same material that I taught to the littles of RPC about Jesus to the littles of Doulos. Love how supportive our home church is. Chill bumps.


On Thursday, I received news that my Grandpa Gene had passed away in his sleep. I felt sadness. I felt pain. But I also felt a sigh of relief for him. For our family, it has been about a 10-year-long good-bye. He developed dementia that worsened each year. In the past few years, every time I would leave him, I would cry. Telling this to a beautiful friend inside and out, she asked me, what is your favorite memory of him? I hadn’t let my mind go there– it was so long ago. But when I did, they all came flooding back, and so did the tears. Riding on the handlebars of his bicycle. And turning the crank of the old ice-cream maker in his OshKosh bibbed overalls, and what an honor it was as a kid if he asked you to take a turn at the crank. That’s what I told her, but there are so many more. Helping in the garden, and learning to play cards. He was always reading a book with a cup of coffee, and would grab any kid within arms reach for a bear hug and to rub his whiskers on your face. He loved kids and he loved his family. A few weeks ago, we had a big family get-together with Grandpa Gene complete with homemade butterscotch ice cream.  The perfect send-off.





It’s been an exhausting week. But today, today is Sunday.



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