Here I am, Lord!

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” (Isaiah 6:8 NIV)

“Here I am, Lord!”

It’s these words that filled our prayers from a hotel room in Tegucigalpa, Honduras two summers ago. While our hearts longed to serve Him in Honduras, God was silent to our prayers, and to our disappointment it was clear that was not His direction for us.

And still eager to serve, we prayed it again. “Here I am, Lord! Send me!” And then, as clear as day, He answered. It was the Dominican Republic, where God had sent three others from our home church before us. No, there was no audible voice, but there was a direction and a peace.

People asked, what would we be doing? And it didn’t matter to us that we didn’t have the answers. Our faith in what we had heard could not be shaken.

Christian folk asked, who was our sending board? We didn’t even know what that meant! We only knew that He asked and we said yes. If someone had written a book called, “How to Be a Missionary,” and we had read it, then maybe we would have known more about sending boards, and language schools and fundraising properly. We were terribly unqualified, but we were willing.

God didn’t seem to care about sending boards or fundraising techniques, though. He continued to direct us and fund our ministry in miraculous ways. That’s the beautiful thing about living in His grace. His only requirement is that we live everyday as if we are saying, “here I am, Lord!” And He blesses abundantly!

And just as the new season begins, we continue to walk in faith again toward the subtle call of His voice. We have been welcomed with arms-wide-open to a new ministry, called Doulos Discovery School. It started with just the two smallest Plankenhorns, as students in Kindergarten and first-grade. As we learned more about the school’s vision of serving Dominicans through quality education, it lit a fire in all of us. And the Doulos model is not just an education– it’s about training servant leaders for His kingdom. The word, “doulos” is Ancient Greek for “slave,” or contextually meaning a “servant who is willfully bound to their master.” Through excellence in academics, there is this amazing platform to pour into the lives of the next generation of servant leaders coming from some of the most unlikely and impoverished neighborhoods. Some of the poorest children in the world have had the course of their lives changed forever. They speak English, are educated, and see Jesus everyday.

It is bittersweet that we close the chapter with FIGHT Ministries. We consider it a great honor that God let us be a part of co-founding an organization that is going to go on and do much needed things for ending human trafficking. We continue to be on our knees asking that God shows favor to Luke, Naomi, Ethan and Phyllis and the righteous work that they do for the kingdom.

But we are so excited to begin serving as missionaries to the Dominican Republic at Doulos. Trevor has taken the role as Finance Supervisor and I will be teaching literacy to English speakers (aka: missionary kids) in grades K-2. Both Trevor and I are able to use our passions that we already had to serve The Lord and people that we already had a passion for! How perfect are His timing and His ways!

We still may be the world’s least qualified missionaries. But God’s grace will take care of all that. We only want to serve. How would your life look if you prayed, “here I am, Lord?


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  1. So proud of you both for listening to our Fathers direction. I’m very excited to hear about your new direction in the DR. The four of you are in my prayers.

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